Quit Smoking Naturally with Herbs

Did you know that there are herbs that will help you stop smoking? I didn’t either until I happened upon an article about it. Here are the basics about using herbs to help you quit smoking.

First, herbal remedies for smoking are a great way to end the habit. Hopefully you have already decided that you need to stop. Herbal treatments are a great aid to help you succeed.

There are many different forms of herbal remedies for helping you to stop smoking. You will have an easier time because you are doing it naturally without the using more drugs to end another drug entering your body.

Here is a partial list of stop smoking herbs that will help you fight the craving to smoke:

•Avena Sativa



•Parrot’s Beak

•Oregon Grape Root




Rather than trying any of these individually, there are products available that contain a mixture of herbs and other natural ingredients in capsule or tablet form. This makes it easier to get the correct dosage and makes it much easier to take. No preparation time required. Just open the bottle and take the required dosage.

With the use of herbs, you will be eliminating the cravings that you have for smoking. You will feel better physically and emotionally. You will see the difference in a short time. You will be healthier and make your family happy, too. When you quit smoking you will be adding years to your life.

You can get quit smoking herbs at many places on the internet. The two that I highly recommend are

Botanic Choice and Herbspro.com

Exchanging Bad Habits for Good Habits
If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, that equals 73,000 cigarettes in 20 years. Can you figure out how much money you will have spent on cigarettes? But that’s not the worst part. Imagine what your lungs will look like.

How do you quit smoking today? Or, how do you stop any bad habit? First, define the habit you want to change, which in this case is to stop smoking. Think about all the benefits and rewards you will receive if you quit smoking.

•better health

•longer life

•clothes won’t smell like smoke

•healthier teeth

•more money to spend on vacations or whatever

•protect your family from harmful smoke


Second, create a three-part action plan. This could include any three things that will help you stop smoking such as:

•read “how to stop smoking” literature

•hypnosis therapy

•making a bet with friends that you won’t smoke

•begin an exercise program (best if it’s outdoors)

•stay away from smokers

•nicotine patch

•herbs (see the previous post) or pills


Whatever you can think of, write it down and then choose the three that you want to use to break this habit of smoking.

If you want to get more focus in your life or business, I highly recommend “The Power of Focus.” You can pick it up at a bookstore or order it on Amazon.

Finding Something Else to Help You Relax Besides Cigarettes

Smoking does relax you .Nothing in cigarettes can make/help you actually relax – quite the opposite in fact pollutants, irritants and stimulants are present that affect your health and wellbeing. It messes and hurts your system, now and over time, with prolonged exposure.

The first cigarette you ever took, what it made you feel like – be honest! For most of us it was horrible!

Dizzy, nausea and stomach pains, coughing and maybe watery eyes.

Blood vessels and arteries will grow smaller and your heart-beat fastens significantly. Less oxygen gets to your brain and through your system and you are filling it up with toxins. It is always trying to get itself back in shape and balance, its equilibrium, that is nature’s way!

The relaxation or feeling of euphoria that you experience is not a physical manifestation but a psychological one! You are facing uncertainties, problems, habits and rituals that are part of your life and routine.
Drastic changes in some cases are needed and justified for success and guaranteed results. You are in control of your emotions and process pretty much by utilizing these personally customized hypnotic state, relaxation and visualization techniques.

For the THREE R’s – release, relief, relaxation, you can broker your way through the process to successful outcome. If you know what tensions do to you and why, what makes you reach for that cigarette, then you have won half the battle.

Tension has to be released throughout your body. Tension, fear and other related spasms make you reach for a cigarette to ‘release’ enjoy and have pleasure. Now, all that is changing and changed forever.

Your body is programmed to fight for survival or flee, your muscles primed for response when required. Your mind controls your muscles. So, in order for you to relax, you need to be sending the right types of messages from your mind to your body. You are after-all a whole and total being.

Remember, your mind and body are one! Your nervous system, muscles and mind work together. So when you tense or relax there is interplay between these different elements to make you reach for a relaxant.

In our case you are reaching for a relaxant for quitting, an alternative form of relaxation that will help you relax even more, concentrate and focus on something else and effectively use powerful positive suggestions and thoughts to change your habits and actions and STOP SMOKING altogether.

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